iaps2CERN 2019

Annual Scientific Excursion to the European Organization for Nuclear Research of the International Association of Physics Students {iaps}

For whom

All members of the International Association of Physics Students from all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome! This is especially for you if you are interested in anything going around the science happening in CERN!


From 24th to 27th of April, 2019. Registration opens on the 1st of February! The first round closes on the 14th; from then on, applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis. Late registration will run from the 14th to the 28th of February.


In Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is located at the border of France and Switzerland. Accommodation and other visited locations are situated in the main central city area of Geneva.

Lectures and presentations

Scientific lectures and presentations with people working at CERN. Hear also about PhD possibilities and other opportunities!

Facilities and Laboratories

Visits to various CERN Facilities and Experiments including RD51 and ISOLDE. - Psst... don't forget to pick up your SM mug at the local shop.

Local tours and visits

See the city of Geneva and local museum exhibits. After visiting all the things we can offer you at CERN, end your trip with a visit to the architectural Eurasian Headquarters of United Nations!