Get ready for iaps2CERN2019!

Get ready for iaps2CERN2019!

In less than two weeks we will open registration for one of iaps’ most cherished traditions, the annual iaps2CERN excursion!

Dates are fixed! From the 24th-27th of April 2019, we will explore Geneva with its museums, visit several labs and facilities and hear exciting talks about opportunities at CERN, explore exhibits and try to squeeze in a little time to hang out with physics students from around the globe.

Interested? You can register from the 1st of February to the 28th, though we will begin to admit applicants on a rolling basis from the 14th on. The participation fee is currently projected to be 130€, though the OC is still pursuing a secret plan to lower it even further 😉

Please check back again closer to registration to find more info! Or ask us anything on social media, or email the OC at margaret(dot)rosenberg(at)iaps(dot)info.

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